Tailwind Community Spirit Award

Kindly brought to you by Ultra Running NSW

& our race sponsor

Tailwind Nutrition Australia

This Award is all about being able to recognize someone that has been a part of the event.

This person has kindly given up their time/or their race to help and support others and the event.

Someone that motivates and encourages others, or goes above and beyond to help where they can.

Someone who embodies the spirit of this great community of runners, which we all belong to.

2021 recipient going to Stuart Wallace, of Engadine NSW

“The 2021 community spirit award goes to a person who is very humble in our community of ultra running. Stuart had not only behind the scenes helped with our first setting up of this event, and also had himself available to help in anyway prior to the race.

Not only was Stuart at the event in the morning to help with setting everything up on the track, but after accepting a late entry to race in the 12 hour event, inspiring others out on the track, he then returned to the track to stay throughout the evening, to the completion of the race, volunteering his time where he could help out, and also with the packing up of the event, post-race.

We at Ultra Running NSW, could not have thought of a more fitting recipient for the 2021 award.

Thank you Stuart Wallace.”